Saturday, March 2, 2013

The travelling pants

When I started this journey, I was in a size 30/32 jeans and 4x shirt (30/32 sometimes this was 5x). So I have gotten a few donations from friends or other postopers who had some size 26's but I didn't ever go thrift shopping for my own clothes or anything like that. I went with my mom today because she wanted to thrift a bit at some we never been to before and I tagged along. This one had a fairly large facility and they had a plus size area. I headed over thinking they'd never have anything cute even though I wear a 2x now and I don't even know what pants size I wear anymore, etc.

Needless to say I walked out of there with a pair of jeans, jean capris, and 2 really cute "me" type shirts! It's the lighter, brighter side of me but super cute anyway. I am so happy that I can find things, that FIT, and are ME at a thrift store!!!!!!!! The jeans were a size 22 both of them, and the tops are size 2x :) It's good because the other day, well more a few weeks ago, I purged all the clothes that are too big and I can no longer wear. All the shirts that kept showing my bra straps were donated and all the pants except my 2 pairs of jeans that the leg part still looked decent were thrown. But my jeans I wore to the thrift today, for perspective, my belt can be looped to the 2nd loop and there are waist line folds all tucked inside the belt to keep them from being weird outside the belt between the loops!

I'm not yet at my 100 lbs down mark but I DID reach my 95 lbs down mark so I guess I can post a few 'before' and 'after' at this time. At 100 I will do exact angles as the 'before' ones and in the same clothes (I kept those for this purpose!)

This is from todays findings, one of the cuuute shirts and the jeans:

This is from Valentine's Day! A shirt that I got from a friend and a skirt that was too big and falling off my hips (it didn't feel like it was that loose!):

A shirt that was ALWAYS too tight on me is now loose. It looks tight around my gut but it isn't, just contouring my weird rolls lol but I think it actually looks decent now!!!:

LOOK, there's bones there! It's only showing sometimes but OMG!!! I've never seen this on me ever!:

 And last but not least, high heels! Sure I could always wear them but they looked stupid when my cankles were bigger and my feet were so wide that they went over the sides. They aren't doing that now even though I still think without ankles high heels look weird:
Here are some of my "before":

I can see a difference. But I want to take some AFTER angles like these so you can see how much exactly where is different. I will at 100 lbs down :) I can't thank all the people in my life who have been supportive, and the man who helped me get this surgery to lose weight better, and God for putting me in the position to choose this path and be able to better my life and giving me the strength and wisdom to know when to say YES and when to say NO when I really need to the most one way or the other. I feel so blessed to have such positive people in my life now :)