Sunday, November 11, 2012

My First: A day in the life of my sleevie!

Since yesterday was a really good day to do sort of a "reboot" and go back to a "basics" diet to try to detox a bit and get things straightened out within myself, I offer you this "a day in the life of my sleeve" type of post. I always enjoyed reading these of other bloggers who have had the same type of WLS as I have had, so maybe I can post mine to help myself to keep "in check" and also to maybe offer some insight as well.

So first I had made up my mind to do an entire day of Protein Shakes per suggestion of a really lovely new acquaintance named Holly from 300 Pounds down. I really dislike 95% of the types of protein I have tried, but the ready to drink (RTD) ones seem to be the ones I can tolerate most. Generally speaking, these have less protein than powder ones. The ones I currently use are the Atkins brand ones. These are actually a suggestion again from Holly over at 300 Pounds Down and a very useful one at that. The Cafe Caramel ones taste just like a delicious cold coffee drink and they are made with real coffee, which we ARE allowed to have. I've tried the Cafe Caramel as well as the Wild Berry and French Vanilla. I do not like French Vanilla as I generally don't like vanilla flavors anyway but the other 2 are REALLY good! They have 1-2g of sugar, 5-7g fiber, 14-15g of protein and 1-3g of carbs depending on the flavor. This is what they look like:

After about 5:30 PM I was starting to get really hungry even though I was trying to drink a protein drink every 2 hours. I didn't feel like I was starving or anything but there was a bit of hunger twinge, but I think mostly it was just my mouth and my head wondering why I have not chewed anything for so long. So since we were at Target (which is a rare treat for me), I decided to look for these tomato basil string cheeses I have been hearing about a lot lately and what do you know? They had them! And they are <1g of carb per stick with I think roughly 4g of protein? But do not quote me on that. I've had 4 of these today. This is the brand I got:

I had bought these the other day from Wal-Mart but I had a few cubes of these today as well:

My current boyfriend that I'm living with, his mother had made a homemade lentil soup that just had some lentils, onion and garlic all fresh. I had probably 2 oz of this. All-in-all today I was at about 18g of carbs total. This is what I'm trying to detox back off of and get back on track with my proper foods. This is all I've had today. Protein shakes, some cheese and a few bites of lentil soup. Even though I did not succeed with an all liquid diet for the day, I feel confident and content over what I did end up eating today. Being under 20g of carbs was not necessarily a goal but it is the carb rich foods that force your body to crave more more more of those carb filled foods. I'm trying to stop this craving.

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