Saturday, November 24, 2012

Who's asleep?! I'm still going!

Hey y'all! Happy Belated Thanksgiving! I'm sorry for not posting sooner. It was hectic! I did the entire dinner by myself, but it was only 2 of us. We wanted to do a full blown Thanksgiving so that we can just have leftovers for days. I froze about half the turkey once I got it all off the bones. I'm getting pretty good at this whole taking meat off of bones thing!

We had turkey, ham with a mustard glaze I made, dressing cooked in and around the turkey (to soak up some turkey grease!), my grandma's old mashed potatoes recipe, canned cranberry sauce (hey we love that stuff), macaroni and cheese, green bean casserole, some Heinz turkey gravy, candied yams, Sara Lee pumpkin pie and some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

Since Thanksgiving I've had about 3 meals out of this and a few snacks of cold turkey meat. I had about 2 slices of pie total and about 3 cookies total. I did not really watch carb intake for the dressing or the mashed potatoes. I was going to but I decided I'd have only 1 tablespoon of each thing.

I did that the next day also. I had made a turkey, mashed potato and gravy sandwich but instead of bread I put it inside hydroponic lettuce. I love that stuff. Just put the stuff in the microwave then placed it inside the lettuce. Nice alternative to the bread!

So I weighed this morning and I was actually down 2 pounds! I was squishing my face because I was like this has to say 3 lbs gained I know it will.. nope! I weighed a 2nd time and it said the same thing. I'm now at 285! I'm about to hit my 5 month mark and I just lost 8-9 pounds in the last week and a half! I guess it's because I've been good at keeping protein up, and not snacking other than later on Thanksgiving night because we ate so early, about 4 PM. I had a few bites of cold turkey around 8 or 9.

So I think that my plan worked out. I didn't put a specific limit on myself nutrition wise but I said a tablespoon of everything and that's what I did. Except the turkey and ham, those are full of protein and so that's never got a limit. I feel victorious. I did a great job on the cooking and I did a great job on not going overboard! I didn't stuff myself until I felt sick. That is a huge accomplishment for me!

Oh yeah and we got some great black friday deals. We didn't go early or anything, just woke up naturally about 8 or 9 AM and went off to a few stores. I usually go to thrift stores on this day but here I guess they aren't open so this is what we're doing today! Still going going going..

I felt so stiff and weird yesterday. I had no idea why my body was feeling like I just ran a marathon after walking around WalMart and not super long. I can usually do this x3. I then realized I had been walking and standing ALL DAY on Thanksgiving in the kitchen. I did not sit down but 2 times for 5 minute periods until after 4 PM. I started at 9:30 AM. That's so awesome! I could not do that before. My back would have been out by 11 pre op.

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  1. That is awesome!! Standing and cooking is work. I couldn't do it either before. I bet it added to your weight loss too! You are really doing great. I am so excited for all your awesome progress!